Oraimo Gives New Definition to Long Battery Life

Oraimo Gives New Definition to Long Battery Life

In the year 2020, according to research, Nigeria was placed 131st out of 190 countries in electricity supply. Sadly, Nigeria has arguably the largest power deficit globally despite its natural resources.

The average Nigerian grew old knowing power was unstable. With kids running the street in the dark, to moonlight tales, to people shouting ” Up Nepa”, overjoyed. Obviously, there were times of no “NEPA” (National Electric Power Authority.)

Electricity has always been an issue in Nigeria, and generators and solar energy have strived to improve it. Technology keeps bringing smart devices that are changing the course of life for millions of Nigerians. However, there is always the question of ensuring that the devices stay on whenever they are needed.

Fortunately, the days when battery life could only be recharged when it was connected to active electricity, either light, solar power, or generators, are behind us.

There’s a new revolution now as technology has evolved and power banks are now in existence. Power banks have opened Nigerians to a world of possibilities. Now you can charge your gadgets on the go without any source of “physical, active electricity” except energy produced and confined in a small box… A Power Bank.

Oraimo: A Force in TWS technology.

Oraimo is not just one of those companies that are well known for producing original and quality phone accessories. According to the numbers, it is the Number 1 power bank producing industry. Oraimo is a Chinese company that is affiliated with the Transition family. See full history here.

Over the last 50 years, they have built a tech empire that cannot be faulted. Oraimo started producing earpieces USB Cables until they chose to launch into the power bank industry. Recently, the company pioneered the introduction of the cable-less technology: True Wireless Stereo Technology.    

Oraimo has made a name for herself by providing different power banks of different mAh(milliampere-hour) and incredible quality that cater to a wide variety of devices.

Oraimo was founded in Hong Kong, in 2013, by Zeeshan Yousuf. The company has successfully spanned across over 50 countries, with Nigeria as one of them. Of course, like most other markets in Nigeria, the power bank industry has also been jumped on by other brands like the New Age power bank Romoss Power Bank,  to mention a few. However, none of these other brands beat the Oraimo power banks. Here’s something fun to read…

Debunked Myths about Power Banks.

There are a few misconceptions about power banks that need to be debunked before going further:

1. Power Banks can blow up: 

Power Banks are a box of energy, and like every other energy gadget, they can blow up. However, the chances of blowing up are reduced to the bare minimum when you put in the work to research quality power banks. Quality power banks have a system that helps guard against overcharging. Also, one can easily almost bypass this by being careful with a power bank as you would for your other gadgets. Just simple safety precautions.

2. Power Banks can spoil a device original battery life or device in general:

This situation arises when you buy low-quality power banks and when you do not select the best possible power bank for yourDevicee. Definitely not oraimo.

3. Power Banks can substitute actual power supply:

Power Banks are great, but they shouldn’t be used as the primary power source for recharging your device. They are accessories and should stay that way. This is because the energy and speed of charging are still far in technology from being matched up.

Selecting the best power bank for a device: What you should know.

A Power Bank is not a one size fits all device. The power bank is different for different devices, and this is why it is very important to painstakingly walk through these steps before choosing a power bank.

1. Synchronization of milliampere-hour onDevicee and power bank: 

One of the first things to look out for when choosing a power bank for a phone or laptop is to check that the number of milliamperes hours on the power bank exceeds the number of milliampere-hour theDevicee. This ensures the power bank can charge yourDevicee at least twice before it eventually runs out of battery juice.

Interestingly, Power banks come in so many wide ranges offering a wide variety to pick from and catering for virtually all devices. There are ones as small as 500mAh, 20000mAh power banks, and even those as high as 40000mAh.

  1. Design: This is another thing to look out for. Design covers colour, shape, portability, single or multiple charging ports, battery life display, etc. All these depend on your specifications and the purpose for which you need a power bank.
  2. Purchase from Oraimo: Quality should be a priority in purchasing a power bank. Oraimo is one brand tested and trusted for producing nothing but quality. 
  3. Do not Trade quality for less money: Many people would not even consider the aforementioned criteria but would just jump on the purchase. They do this because they find that it is cheap. Invest in quality.
  4. Work within your budget: Invest in quality but work within your budget. You must check your budget while still looking into the aforementioned criteria. Interestingly, Oraimo offers such a wide range of power bank prices that you can very easily fit them into your budget.

Technology took Power Banks a Step Further.

The common kind of power bank is the wireless power bank with ports, to which USB cables are attached to charge your devices. Now, technology has evolved again and has brought wireless Power banks with touch sensors to our table. Now, phones can be charged by merely placing phones on power banks.

In addition to this, technology has also gone ahead to bring us solar power banks. Solar power banks have helped solve the problem of inadequate electricity to charge the power banks themselves. Now, all it requires is to use the solar panel or sensor to charge the power bank. This way, one never runs out of battery juice both on phones and in power banks.

Oraimo is doing a good job providing you with all you need. It is up to you to take it.