iPhone fever?: Affordable Options to Keep You Trendy

You know those people who have a constant cycle of how they live their lives? Well, that’s me, and I’ll let you in on how my life typically goes. On weekdays, I head to work; after work, it’s a straight shot back home. Come the weekend, the one thing that brings me the most joy is an all-day sleep marathon. Yeah, even my tired is tired😪

Anyway one of my friends decided that my weekend was going to be a special one no matter what and she decided to invite me to one exclusive party like that. Being a sharp girl who is looking for a boyfriend, I started getting prepared and wanted to look my best. A lot of preparation happened and I was so excited for the day to come. Oh, before we get into the details of what happened at the party, let me just chip in that I use one palasa android phone like that, but I haven’t really paid any attention to that mind who cares about the phone I use?

Anyway, Saturday came and we got ready for the party, went to the party and got there a little past 2 in the afternoon. After like 5 min of mingling around, I started enjoying the party and decided to take some pictures with my newly met friends and instantly that was a very bad idea because I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life the way my phone decided to embarrass me that day. First of all, unlocking the phone was a battle on its own😭. Now that’s not even as bad as when I kept taking pictures and you could hear multiple shutter sounds but the phone screen was blank😭.

That was the height of it, I was so done and decided to go online to check for the iPhone that fit my budget but bruvh I almost gave up. This country is not for the weak I muttered out😩 but before I gave up, I decided to take a peek at my everyday go-to online store(kaiglo) to check if they sell gadgets, and wow, to my surprise, the prices were what I was looking for. For instance the,

  1. iPhone Xs 256gb (New)- you won’t believe me when I say that at a time, the iPhone Xs was one of the phones that were ranked as one of the phones with the best cameras that Apple ever produced for that budget. I mean, if you have xs as a person then you sef you are not small inside life🤪. And don’t forget we are talking about budget here right? So if you are looking to change from an Android to an iPhone, the iPhone xs is a good start.
  1. iPhone 11-256gb (New)- I don’t know why but to me, I think iPhone 11 series has one of the best designs ever! I mean, whoever came up with that design deserves a raise. Not only is the design sleek, the camera is unmatched. Best to my experience, if you are a content creator and you are on a budget then iPhone 11 should be one of your go-to phones.
  1. iPhone 13-128gb (New)- My rich auntiessssss come out! I think we both know that if you are eyeing iPhone 13 then you know you deserve that title👑. As I was doing research on the iPhone to buy, I came across a blog that said the iPhone 13 hit all the right notes and I kid you not, they are absolutely right. Are we to talk about the cinematic mode features or the design? Gosh if not for anything, the camera design is enough for me and the best part is you can get it for a ridiculously cheap amount from kaiglo so why not give it a try first?

This is your cue to change that phone that needs to be changed, it needs a new brother please😪. Yes, I could keep going but we all know Apple has endless phones for the budget that fits us so instead of trying to mention each, why not check them out yourself here? Also, I’m happy to tell you that I’m now on team iPhone 💃, drumroll please, it is not easy to become a rich woman pliks😩

Until next friday bestiessss🥰🥰🥰