Surviving Campus Life in this agbado economy: Campus Survival Guide

Stupid, broke-ass bitch! Yes, you… That’s what she last said when I strolled through one uni last weekend. Wait, did you think I was talking to you🫢? Come on now, besties; why would I do that? I’m disappointed you even thought of that. Anyway, I went to a uni last week to meet a friend, and on my way, I saw two young girls throwing words around. Usually, I’m a gossip girl, and I’m sure you know it too. But last week, I couldn’t stick around because I had something important to do, and it kills me because now I don’t even know who eventually won that epic verbal showdown.

Honestly, I don’t mess around with food because, in this life, no matter what you’re going through, try dey eat first🌚. That’s my code of conduct. So, on this fateful day when I had to see my friend, I decided to skip a meal and head to her school as early as I could. As any student knows, there must be something edible available. Upon arrival, I dashed into the kitchen, and what do I see? Squeaky clean pots, neatly arranged – I was shook! Ahhhh😯, babes, what’s going on in this kitchen? My friend looked at me and burst into laughter. The next thing I heard was, “In this hostel, we do 101.” 101, kehhhh! I screamed. Do you all know the meaning of 101? Oops, I forgot we’re all in this Agbado economy together. Honestly, even thinking about it now still makes me angrier. In a nutshell, besties, I also did 101😓.

As if that’s not bad enough, I asked for some drinking water, and the water she brought was straight from the tap! I kid you not; the water was as yellow as my… Well, you already imagined what I was going to say, at this point, she was after my life.  So, I asked her why she doesn’t have a water dispenser yet, and she started talking about how expensive things are, blah blah blah. That’s when I dropped the bombshell about my wonderful company, Kaiglo. We’ve been offering some sweet discounts on back-to-school items, and she was missing out. Right now, we have some specific deals that you’re gonna love – here, let me break it down for you:


  1. Water Dispensers: Say goodbye to yellow tap water! Get yourself a shiny new water dispenser for crystal-clear hydration. Besides, if you have a water dispenser in this age and time, you are a big girl, so join the bus.



  1. Mosquito rechargeable lamp: We all know mosquitoes are our neighbours, right? We share an apartment with them, so why stress yourself trying to kill them when you could be sleeping and snoring while the rechargeable mosquito lamp does the job for you?


  1. Kitchen Economy Bundle Packs: Imagine using a pot that has been stored for over 1 week, filled with maggots in the kitchen, and without knowing, you just go borrow it just after it was washed? Eww right? Yep, this is your cue to shop for your own bundle now!


Oh, and there’s plenty more where that came from. So, even though I went there for something else, my friend ended up shopping for these essential items and saved a ton in the process. I hope you do too.


Well, besties, I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead… till next Friday. Stay jiggy!

And oh, if you missed our earlier blog on how i survived  back-to-school shopping, make sure to catch up with the latest because gosh! you won’t want to miss it🤪