Navigating Back-to-School Hustle: How I Saved Big on Back-to-School Shopping

Lately, people are not angry enough at the economy for me. In fact, all I see are people smiling here and there as if they won a lottery ticket. I mean what is going on? Are we both still in the same Lagos? People are not even angry again and it almost made me feel like I’m the one with anger issues. The other day, my colleague had to remind me that it was “salary week!” Oh, the magic words.  But hold up, is it just me or are there people who have a fresh new plan for their salary? Or are we talking about people like me who have debts smiling at the salary already? Because bill choke! I don explain tire no evidence😩


While I consider myself to be broke, omo broke pass broke ooo cause even my own brokenness still got some sweet sweet deals that I just couldn’t resist from Kaiglo this week. I managed to stumble upon some ridiculously good deals that I had to jump on this past week. Remember how I spilled the tea about the new arrivals last week? Well, guess what? This week, I’m coming to you with the juiciest scoop on back-to-school essentials, and guess who’s getting a front-row seat? Yep, parents and even school owners – no one’s left out🥳

Speaking of parents, let me tell you about my cousin. She’s got this adorable daughter, and let’s just say I  reluctantly went to the market with her this past weekend to shop for some back-to-school essentials for her kid. Of course, Before we left, I told her about kaiglo, but she’s one of those folks who swear by the mantra that the market’s the ultimate pocket-saver. I spent the whole week trying to nudge her in the right direction, but no luck. So, I decided to tag along to witness what I thought was going to be a “gotcha” moment.

Usually, her kid calls me “big auntie” and you know, in Nigeria big auntie=rich auntie vibes. And to be honest that title is sweet. Never ever did I think I would deny that title in the histories of Evers. Now, pick a chair and let me gist you. 

We hit the market with her little one and let me tell you, the first store we entered practically had me reevaluating my life choices. I mean, the price tag on one of those school bags could fund some of my small expeditions to the moon! You can bet I screamed – “Big Auntie, why the scream?” she said. Hold up, Big Auntie who? Sweetheart, let’s keep it casual, call me by my name. What’s that? Oh, you meant that “Big Auntie.” Well, let’s just say, that when a bag costs more than my entire net worth, the title doesn’t quite sit right, you know? But enough of that, we swiftly exited that store. Next thing I know, we’re bouncing from store to store, doing some sort of price Olympics between the shopkeeper and Kaiglo. Petty, right? Oh yeah, my cousin’s got that side to her.

Skipping all the market drama, guess what? She caved. Yup, she went ahead and signed up on all of Kaiglo’s platforms at that. She not only bagged all her daughter’s school essentials online, but we even had enough moolah left over for a round of suya – you know, ’cause it was necessary! Oh, and did I mention? My “big auntie” status was immediately reinstated after I bought my baby what she wanted from Kaiglo😍.

So, to all those “marketgoers” who believe that going to the market is the only wallet-friendly way, listen up! You’re missing out big time on the deals Kaiglo has waiting for you. Learn from my cousin and me and save yourself the hassle, not to mention the fare in this high economy period. Trust me, I’m your chief advocate for wallet wellness, and I’m not steering you wrong ever! Until we meet again next Friday 🥳 Stay effortlessly awesome!