What to wear working remotely? Here are some simple fits to wear.

What to wear working remotely

Great! You finally got the remote job you’ve always wanted. However, as a first-time remote worker, there are many things you do not know about working remotely. One of which is what to wear working remotely?

Do you want to know some easy simple you can wear while working remotely? Or you are wondering, ‘what to wear working remotely?’ Then you probably are working remotely. Or you finally landed a job that requires you to work remotely. If you can relate to the above, you should keep reading. There are many outfits for working from home you don’t know about. We will show you some simple fits you can wear while working from home.

Before moving forward, you should know this.

Working from home is the same as remote working.

Over the years, remote working has grown and has spread globally.

This has been due to so many reasons.

Many people now result to working from their homes due to its convenience.      

What then is remote working?

Remote working is a style of working that requires a person to work from the convenience of their home. The person doesn’t have to be in any physical office to deliver on a task.

The style of working has become really popular and more and more people now prefer jobs that require them to work from home.

However, working from home doesn’t mean you should look disturbed or tattered.

You should be able to dress well and look somewhat presentable while working at home.

 Benefits that come with how you dress working at home;

  • You could get an unexpected visitor.
  • Also, you can dress for business meetings or work meetings.
  • To build yourself for work or get your mind ready to work.
  • To put you in that productive atmosphere.

Now that you know why you should dress appropriately, let’s show you how to dress working remotely.

Dress for comfortably

Topping the list is dressing to be comfortable. Whatever you decide to wear working from home should fit you and don’t cause any form of discomfort. But don’t get me wrong, comfortable doesn’t mean anyhow. It’s all about finding a balance between comfort and style.

There are many comfortable yet stylish clothes you can wear around the house while working. Let’s give you some clothes ideas.

You can wear a collared shirt, cool loose joggers, homely gowns, hoodies, long flowing skirts and many more.

Dress for formality

Do you know the way you dress affects how you feel generally?

Studies have shown that dressing formally affects your moods and helps productivity.

Wearing singlets, slippers or sweats pant might keep you in that homely mood, making you feel lazy.

Having a remote formal dress code isn’t so bad. You will have good morale to work.

Asides, if you are the type that holds several meetings online, you should consider dressing formal.

Even though you aren’t in a proper work environment, you have that working feel.

Examples of formal attires include a dress, shirt, a tie just for the hour of meeting, especially for a person doing a presentation.

Dress to the occasion

With the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, many people now hold all sorts of meetings and events online.

If you are the type that regularly hops on several business calls or meetings, you should consider putting on clothes that would blend into the forum you will be on.

Asides, working remotely means flexibility. So you can video call the ones you love while taking breaks. And you don’t want to look unpresentable doing that. So you should consider a casual outfit that fits into the occasion of the call, either talking to a loved one, a business meeting, a presentation meeting or others.

You can consider outfits like a T-shirt, sweater, casual gowns, etc.

Dress for the part

what to wear working reemotely

Most people in the creative space usually dress in a way that expresses their creativeness and their uniqueness. Atimes to tap into that creative juice, you might need to dress the part.

Put on some cool outfits like that that makes you feel good about yourself and brings out the best of you.

Also, working from home could mean flexibility.

You can decide to multitask while working, taking care of the kids, doing dishes and cooking, chores, etc.

All this doesn’t stop you from working remotely.

However, it affects the outfits you wear working remotely.

You might want to wear really homely clothes that would aid in carrying all these tasks efficiently.

Working in the kitchen, you can wear an apron or breastfeeding clothes if you have a child.

Dress to Experiment

what to wear working remotely

Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing it.

Going to the office daily, you get to interact, mix and have exciting conversations.

But working remotely is a game-changer because you are working independently.

It might be a bit boring, and there are times you would need to take breaks and make your workspace fun.

You can do many things like listening to music, watching a movie, social media, etc.

Why not add experimenting to your list of fun things to do.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, this might be a little fun as you can play dress up.

You can decide to mix colours or mix cultural outfits as you like.

This would help you relax, but it also helps your mind and brain relax.

Now that you know how to dress working remotely, here are some working at home outfits you should consider.

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Some simple outfits to wear working remotely

Long sleeves shirt

They are pretty comfortable wearing at home, especially if you dress for comfort. They are friendly to the work environment, and some could be very stylish. Also, for those who often have online video meetings, this fits perfectly when a jacket is worn on top.

Deciding to Match a long sleeve shirt and a jacket for your online meeting makes you look presentable.

Long sleeves shirts work as casual home outfits and can get by the day.

A wrap gown or skirt

what to wear working remotely

Many wrap gowns are made with chiffon material which is very light and doesn’t. Wrap dress or skirt requires you to wrap one side of the clothing over the other side. Depending on what you want, they could come as centre wraps or side wrap.


Looking for a super comfortable and stylish fit to wear at home, chinos is one you should consider. They can be matched with a t-shirt, giving you a formal look. If you love dressing for formality, then you should try this look.

It could also be paired with a long-sleeved shirt, giving you a casual look.

A shirt

A cooperate look for a productive day; that’s what wearing a shirt working at home says. It puts you in that working spirit, especially those who have a work office at home. It could be paired with work trousers for that video call, or you can wear simple shorts under them. Don’t worry! It’s only your upper body that would show on the call.

Sweaters and cardigans

Sweater and cardigans are one go-to outfit for working remotely. They can be paired with anything, depending on what makes you comfortable. When worn with a t-shirt, it gives a different style to the person’s look.

Other outfits you can consider include.

  • A jeans trouser
  • Khaki shorts or pants
  • Polo shirt or shirt
  • A short dress
  • A jersey

Remote working won’t go extinct anytime soon. Many people have now seen the advantages and the value of working remotely. If you are still unsure why you should be working remotely, below are some benefits of working remotely.

Benefits of working remotely

  • Higher productivity
  • Flexibility
  • No OR less commuting time
  • Help work-life balance
  • Multitasking
  • Makes no need for office space

In conclusion

Remote working would only work for you when you know the essential tips to keep you productive.

We hope you have been able to discover what to wear working remotely.

And you can pick from some of our selections of outfits.