Hot Anniversary dealsssssss for you

Did you just sigh loudly and say promo, promo, promo again? Wait, take a breath and hear me out first.


First of all, we don’t call it “promo” anymore, we call it “abatement”. Yep, you just learned a new word thanks to me. 

Did I make you smile? Well that’s kind of the intention😉. Back to business now shall we?

No matter how rich you are, you should never let big discounts offered on your favorite items slip you by when it’s on sale! It is just against the girls code, or buying code🙃 as long as you get what i mean-which i very much know you do😌.


Just last week so many brands were offering different discounts here and there and to be honest nothing makes me happier than buying everything I need on sale. While I was happy to shop at that moment, I realized that so many products didn’t even have any discounts on them. I mean if you say i’d get this item for 2000 naira when on sale shouldn’t you keep your words? Why am I seeing N2100 here? You want to scam me? Lol okay maybe scam is a strong word but haba, in this economy N100 is like 1million now ooooo.


While other brands add big money like that extra “N100’ during their discounts, kaiglo slashes prices in real time and this is not even a joke. I know you are like uhmmmm this is what you all say but wait I’ll let you be the judge of that as i’ll be listing a few products that are on sales with the best prices you can get only on kaiglo.


  1. Handy Blossom K-shaped Computer Desk– Multicolor:

If you are among the “work from home” bros/sis, i tell you this is for you! 

What better way to stretch your back and work totally relaxed while at home than to embrace the Handy Blossom K-shaped Computer Desk? You already better than I do why it is very important to you so why not cop it now while on sale? In fact a little birdie told me only 3 units are left!


  1. Perfect Craft And Beautiful Pattern Car Pillow

These days neck pain is no joke! Sometimes I wonder if I can secretly lie down at work to do my work but then CCTV-100 eyes everywhere watching me like a monitoring spirit. The point is our neck goes through so much from just sitting at work all day without relaxing. Should it also go through car neck pain? If you asked me that would be cruel to your neck and as a member of the neckers association of nigeria, we won’t tolerate it👀 so you better use this opportunity to grab one on sale and make your neck happy today.


  1. Jbl Tune 220 tws Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth

In everything you do in this life make sure to own earbuds! Imagine going home after a long day at work and all you hear is the screeching noise from every moving object in lagos, hian! Apart from the annoying noise makers you are bound to encounter in lagos danfo, the mixture of noise from everywhere has the magical power of bringing a very hot headache that will knock you down for days. 

So how do we avoid this? Jbl Tune 220 tws Wireless bluetooth earbud to the rescue💃and the best part? It is going for half its price during this anniversary period💃💃 drumroll please🥁


  1. Blaze Solar Energy Kit And Lighting System:

For four days now I’ve been wondering if we still use light at all in my area. Its so bad i’ve to charge at my neighbours. Infact nepa(PHCN) frustrated me till I found out about the Blaze Solar Energy Kit and I tell you that as of now, my neighbours have come to charge at my place. Well we already know why right? 

Now that you know how I graduated from nepa school to solar school won’t you cop yours now while it is on sale?


Bestiesssss do you know our kitchen items have been on sale too for two weeks now? Don’t panic, you are not too late to explore our site now for top quality kitchen items that you may need. Now that you’ve seen real discounted products only from kaiglo do you believe me now? I did right by letting you be the judge.


Until next time bestiesss🥰