Staying warm and cozy during the rainy season: Using everyday equipment to combat cold

Yes, your favorite gist giver is here again besties💃and guess what? What I brought today is even more juicier than that of last week so pick a chair and sit comfortably, it is about to be an interestingggg day for you😉.

First of all, how are you all dealing with this cold because as for me, I could swear my neighbors heard me scream while bathing this morning. In Fact, using the word “scream” does not justify what I did because I scromeeeeddddd😭. If not for the fear of God in me, I don’t mind using one bottle of perfume every day to work as long as I don’t have to bathe, but then I’ve to pity my colleagues LOL. 

Now that we are on this cold weather matter, I’ve curated cost-saving tips to help you fight this cold like a jack chian😉. I know that when it comes to the cold season people advise you to put on your heater/warmer and the like but what if you don’t have a heater? That’s where my tips come in😉. You trust me, don’t you? Come along.


  1. Foldable Mini Iron: Yes, you heard that right you need an iron and an Innovative Foldable Mini Iron is here to save the day. You heard it here first – an iron is your new chilly weather companion! Confused? Let me enlighten you: it’s all about that warm, toasty garment straight off the ironing board. Slip it on, and voilà! You’ve got instant, steamy comfort that keeps the cold at bay. Mind blown, right? 😉


  1. Auto Magnetic Self Stirring Stainless Steel Mug: Every time I think I’ve seen it all, I see a new thing and In the case of this mug, it stirs itself! The self-stirring, auto-magnetic stainless steel mug. It’s like having a personal assistant for your hot beverages – stirring to perfection while keeping you warm and snug. Now, that’s what I call multitasking in style!


  1. Russell Hobbs electronics combo: Now when we talk about the ultimate combo you need for warmth, the Russell Hobbs combo pack is exactly what I am talking about. Imagine sitting down in your sitting room on a very cold day, then you go on to use the Russell Hobbs combo pack in this order
  • Microwave your hot dog so it can be hot- which is perfect for a cold day
  • Toast some bread
  • And lastly, prepare a very hot tea.


Just imagining it alone makes me miss my bed😭. The best thing about Russell Hobbs combo pack is that it comes at a very affordable price, and on top of that? Kaiglo is running some special deals on them. So if you know you really want to get quality for an affordable price, I suggest you go get yours right away.


  1. Comfortable sneakers: Now I know what you are thinking, “am I supposed to be joking around with my outing shoes”? Well if we are being honest there are shoes made for ‘we are outsideeeeeee’ and shoes made for “we are inside”😭. Not to talk of how the economy has been economing us these past few days, I think we all need that “we are inside shoes’ because, at least if the economy and cold are keeping us inside, we need to survive it. So if you are one of the people who are insideeeeeee🌚make sure to go through our wide range of sneakers section, and make a good selection.


Now that we know how to keep ourselves warm during this cold period, do you remember I mentioned the gist at the start of this article? Pick a popcorn.

Yesterday at kaiglo, we celebrated our 4th anniversary, and boyyyyyy it was fun! Well not to bore you with the whole thing that happened, we played a game that says who is your office crush and someone mentioned our boss’s name! Likeeeeee yes, that’s exactly how we opened our mouths. Anyways it is either we have a wedding to plan or we have someone else fill in her role, either way, I’ll update you on whatever happens😌

Till next week……. Stay warm bestiesssss